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A Modern Philosophy of Business Education
Today's rapidly changing economy is creating more opportunities for business professionals who have specific business knowledge, skills, and credentials. The College of Business and Management at Eton University offers distance learning business degree programs that are designed to prepare students to make an immediate contribution to global business and help them enhance their career potential. We believe growth is defined on multiple levels, and the human side of success is a critical part of our goal.

IT'S ALL ABOUT VALUE: a B-School degree can help you boast your career forward.
Employer survey suggests MBAs and other business master's likely to enjoy an improved job market in 2011. What master degrees at Eton University – College of Business and Management have in common is motivation, self-knowledge, realistic career goals, and a desire to learn and grow. Whether you are on your way up the corporate ladder or just getting started, Eton University's distance learning business degree programs can provide you with the momentum to take your business career to a higher level.

Quality Education for Business Professionals
At Eton University, our comprehensive distance learning business degree programs help you update your knowledge and acquire diverse skills. Our learning techniques enable you to become a leader in today's continuously evolving global business marketplace. Complete your coursework anytime, anywhere, and take charge of your future.

Degree Offered
Eton University’s College of Business and is committed to providing advanced degrees that resonate in the workplace.
Bachelor of Business Administration - 
This degree is designed to give its students a broad knowledge of the functional areas of a company, and their interconnection, while also allowing for specialization in a particular area. It also develops the student's practical managerial skills, communication skills and business decision-making capability. This degree's strengths lie in its flexibility of business subject choice and its attachment to double major programs offered by the University.
Total Degree Credits: 180 credits
Time of Completion: one to three-years to complete and is ideal for executives who want to transfer their life experience and\or previous students into academic credits.
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Master of Business Administration - 
This program is designed to provide you with the essentials in planning, organizing and controlling work in any organization. Our core courses give you a breadth of skills ranging from accounting to finance, leadership, organizational behavior, marketing, management, government and economics. Elective courses offer you the opportunity to develop specialized skills essential for your profession.
Total Degree Credits:48 credits
Time of Completion:one to three years to complete and is ideal for working professionals who want to achieve a balance among their career, family, and education. (Minimum 1 course maximum 3 courses per quarter)
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Doctor of Business Administration
This program is designed to create new knowledge, and advance the professional development of practicing managers and professionals in the business arena: first by extending their knowledge of management science; and, second, by equipping them with broad research and process management skills. Career paths for people with DBAs include business leadership, consulting and teaching positions.
Total Degree Credits: 60 credits
Time of Completion: two to seven years to complete and is ideal for working professionals who want to achieve a balance among their career, family, and education.
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